German singer Xavier Naidoo weeping and talking about „Adrenochrome-Chridren”.
German singer Xavier Naidoo weeping and talking about „Adrenochrome-Children”. Screenshot Youtube
Conspiracy theories

German singer Xavier Naidoo cries about „Adrenochrome-Children”

What's wrong with german singer Xavier Naidoo? In a disturbing video he breaks down in tears, talking about a crude „adrenochrome-conspiracy“.

He's weeping, struggeling for words, tears are trickling down his cheeks: German singer Xavier Naidoo („Dieser Weg“) uploaded a highly emotional video-message on Telegram, stating his relief about „children being released out of the hands of paedophiles all over the world in this very moment“.

Keyword „adrenochrome”

Shaken by emotions he also drops the word „adrenochrome“, emphazising he has been „knowing what's going on for 15 years“. Sounds a lot like odd conspiracy theories. What's going on with Xavier? Fans are worried.

Naidoo suspecting worldwide conspiracy

„I'm fine“, Xavier states in a second clip. The singer is sitting outside, wearing sunglasses, looking much calmer. But then again he talks about a worldwide conspiracy he allegedly has known about for years, a global ring of paedophiles who tortured and murdered children. Cruel myths like that indeed exist in highly questionable corners of the internet.

Kicked out of german TV-show

Only a few weeks ago Xavier was kicked out of the german TV-show „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ (german version of „American Idol“) because of supposedly racist lyrics in a short clip popped up on social media. Years before he had caused attention by giving a concert for the right-wing Reichsbürger-movement in Berlin. Seems Naidoo is now again in shady company, spreading dangerous conspiracy theories on the internet.


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