Im Gespräch mit William Antwi: Das originale englische Interview


Als Kind spielte er mit Fußbällen aus Socken

William Antwi und seine Jungs.
William Antwi und seine Jungs.
Tottenham Hotspurs

Sie können sehr jungen Spielern zeigen, wie sie das Beste aus sich herausholen: Die Trainer. Doch wer sind sie? Der Nordkurier hat den Coaches der U13-Mannschaften des Fußball-Knabenturniers ein paar Fragen der anderen Art gestellt. Diesmal: Der Trainer von Tottenham Hotspur - William Antwi.

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Übersetzung:

What is your first memory in connection with football?

Playing with a football made of rolled up socks in the streets of Accra Ghana.

What is the most important quality of a trainer?

To work for the players enjoyment and improvement.

Please summarise your coaching-philosophy in one sentence.

To create an environment where players can thrive and grow technically, tactically,
socially and psychologically under the Clubs philosophy.

What is your personal nightmare as a coach?

Nothing in particular, every player and every club is different so you have to expect that anything is possible.

You are glad to see which team playing at the 49th Boys Football Tournament?

All teams taking part provide a different challenge to what we find in our country and so we appreciate the opportunity to face different types of opposition in the

What are the things you can just tolerate with a bunch of humour?

This question.

What is the most annoying aspect of your job?

All aspects of the job have their place. Anything I don’t like I make a change happen.

Where did you see the last World Cup final?

On TV, at home, with friends and family.

What is the most curious thing, you could find in your hotel room?

I haven’t come across any unusual things in hotel rooms.

If you admire a person – who would it be and why?

In football, I am a big fan of all those coaches and managers that are able to make a genuine connection with their players and get their message across to the players in a clear and concise way so that it is clearly visible in their style of play and their way of being. Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and English coaches John Gorman and John Cartwright are some good example for me.

The last game was pretty messed up? What is your first reaction when you are alone?

What exactly happened and how can we be better next time?