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Tragic story

▶ German dog gives birth to 19 puppies - and dies (video)

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A beautiful, yet tragic story took place in north-eastern Germany last month: A record-breaking 19 little puppies saw the light of day – but they never got to know their mother.
Veröffentlicht:13.09.2019, 16:33

  • Carsten Korfmacher
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This is a translated version of a german article.

It seems like a miracle that all 19 of them survived. Cathleen Lenz lives in the city of Neustrelitz, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in north-eastern Germany. Her apartment ist too small to house the 19 little puppies her dog Freya gave birth to a few weeks ago. So she moved them to the countryside, to a farm in Userin run by a family member. Cathleen spends a lot of time away from home these days, to take care of the cute little puppies who are just a few weeks old.

When Cathleen spoke to the veterinarian a few weeks before the delivery, she was certain to be able to handle what was coming. She starred at the sonogram, tears of joy running down her cheeks: her dog Freya, a two-year old mixed-breed, was about to give birth to nine little puppies. But on delivery day Cathleen was in for a suprise! Freya had to go through a Caesarean – and 19 puppies saw the light of day.

Freya, however, never recovered from the operation. She died the day after her record-breaking delivery. Now Cathleen, her friends and family look after the puppies. And they are looking for regional dog-lovers to adopt some of them.

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